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We know the whole market and have been in all significant data centers and can offer the best solution for you. Since we are a large customer and have partner relations with all the largest players in the market, you can be assured of the best conditions when ordering through us. Data centers will compete for you, not you for them.

We have 15 years of experience in the market as a hosting provider and a consumer of data center services. We know all the nuances and pitfalls and can talk in the language of data centers .

We have extensive experience working with government agencies and concluding state contracts at any level. Our company successfully passes checks by security services (including federal ones) and has experience of interaction with legal departments of state structures.

Being one of the leaders of hosting business in Russia daily contributes to the development of the Network. We do not care how the Internet lives and develops. One of our main goals is to make the Internet available to the user by putting useful and necessary information on their servers. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that users who have entrusted their projects to the network, feel comfortable within our services.

  • We choose the best. In our network there are many known projects
  • We offer reliable servers in Russia and Europe.
  • support service is open 24/7
  • Our virtual machines support almost all known operating systems

We provide colocation services and rental server racks in our own data centers E1 and E2 in Moscow. The total capacity of the channels of our data centers exceeds 150Gb / s. Customers can access the data centers around the clock. Prices for colocation – one of the best in Moscow.

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