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We are a group of companies eServer, that includes eServer.ru hosting-providers, eServer.eu, Cloud-provider Megaserver, eServer.Domains domain shop and a network of eServer.Space data centers. Since 2002, we have been providing a vast range of services at the hosting market both in Russia and Europe, being one of the market leaders. In 2010 our company successfully launched a project of its own DPC E1 in Moscow. In 2013, the Е2 platform was started in Moscow. Since 2012 our company has entered the EU markets, cooperating with the largest DPCs of Easten Europe. In 2016 , meeting the requests of SMB clients, our company modified its concept and started launching a project of eServer.Space platform network, based on mega-DPCs worldwide. Our company has all necessary licenses and permits from supervisory authority for working in the telecommunication area. Two eServer group companies are permanent members of the European Internet Registration Board RIPE NCC.

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